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Brand Development
From naming new companies and products—and creating their logos, identity systems, and packaging design—to developing brand messaging strategies and writing award-winning copy, brand marketing nourishes existing brands and empowers new identities.

Content Strategy
It's been said the meaning of life is to tells stories. Companies also tell stories—but it's called marketing. The objective is to turn a list of features into a brochure or website that communicates a coherent set of benefits for your customers. This requires right-brained creative copywriting to produce compelling content, and rational, left-brained organization to define Content Strategy and develop Information Architecture (IA).

Integrated Marketing
Marketing is a civilized form of warfare in which battles are won with words, ideas, and disciplined thinking. Integrated marketing brings to bare all available tools to help you emerge victorious from your marketing battles. Whether you're staying in touch with customers, launching new products, promoting events, or heading to tradeshows, choose an experienced partner who's happy to march alongside you.

dream big, then make it real with creative marketing expertise
Mark Adams is an experienced creative director and copywriter with more than 10 years experience including agency content and writing positions at 2.0 Interactive and Idea Integration, and creative direction at MergingDesign, Unleaded Communications, and iland.

His cross-disciplinary skills bring content strategy, information architecture, and UX design together with advertising, marketing, and copywriting experience to produce business-aware, user-engaging, technology-savvy content.

From 2002 to 2009 Mark served as founding partner and creative director/copywriter for MergingDesign, where he worked on new business, developed brands, messaging, and content strategies in addition to copywriting and leading the creative team on projects for Fortune 500, mid-market, and upstart clients.

As creative director for cloud computing provider iland, Mark was responsible for rebranding the company, designing an award-winning new logo, developing the messaging strategy, creating the nomenclature for new products and services,as well as the content strategy, information architecture, UX design, and copywriting for the relaunched website and other rebranded marketing material.

Mark has also written for a wide range of marketing activities including corporate videos, interactive demos and sales tools, tradeshows, brochures, direct and email marketing, newsletters, campaigns, advertising, and other marketing efforts.

Currently, Mark is working with Fortune 500 clients in IT, energy, and other industries. Questions? Send an email

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