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I helped BMC stay in touch with customers, prospects, and partners through a series of email newsletters and monthly updates. Starting in 2004 with copywriting for a single newsletter, I eventually designed templates, provided copy, and managed delivery for about a dozen monthly and quarterly executions.

Alignment Insights Newsletter
This monthly newsletter communicated the Tier I Business Service Management message of BMC to a C-level audience.

Mainframe Management Insights
One in a series of four "Insights" newsletters each targeting a specific customer need.

Database Insights
I worked with content experts to ensure the creation of relevant and compelling newsletter articles.

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Operations Insights
I achieved a 46 percent click-through rate with one edition of the Operations Insights newsletter. That's high by any standards—and the best result ever produced by any BMC email.

Monthly Education Update
Instead of sending multiple emails, each promoting a single event, I created a monthly update to consolidate many events into a single email. This alleviated the difficulties of scheduling individual promotions within the rules of the touch policy.

Service Management Update
This is an example of the many templates I created for specific departments to reach their audience. In total, I produced more than a dozen newsletter templates and executed over a hundred.

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