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MergingDesign is a marketing communications firm that merges branding, interactive design, and integrated marketing to help companies create, clarify, and communicate their message.

I was a founding partner and, from 2002 to 2009, served as creative director and copywriter. I worked on new business, led the creative team, helped corral clients, and generally came up with great ideas.

About the work
What kind of work did I do? Projects ranged from naming an upstart company, creating a logo and identity system, developing a brand messaging strategy, and writing award-winning copy. Or it could have been extending an existing brand with interactive product demos and integrated marketing program. Some days I just tweaked the headline of a postcard. But whatever the project, my focus on brand marketing made new brands strong and existing brands stronger.

Creating an agency brand
From the name, to the logo, to messaging, I wanted to convey the holistic approach we took at MergingDesign. Not just another design company, but a collective of talent.

In creating the logo and brand message I wanted to convey our passion for brands and brand marketing, our skill in interactive design, our client successes over the years, and how we really valued our people.

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Above all, it wanted to communicate the following characteristics from the brand guide I created:

We focus on what’s important—and don’t let the unimportant get in its way.

Let’s do what’s right and change what’s wrong.

By helping clients and coworkers achieve their goals, we achieve our goals. Not just karma—good business sense.

Enjoy your work—because life’s too short to hate what you do, and who you do it with.

As our name implies, we merge many parts into a greater whole. Put mathematically, 2 + 2 = 5.

Unencumbered with fat org charts and able to integrate with a range of contractors, MergingDesign can think and move fast.

Sun Tzu advised: “take unexpected routes to attack the enemy”. Our enemy is the ordinary and unimaginative.

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