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iPAQ Pocket PC brochure
Launching a new brand
iPAQ was the sub-brand for Compaq's innovative line of internet devices. In 2000, Compaq announced its 'everything to the internet' initiative and launched what is one of the coolest products it ever made: the iPAQ Pocket PC.

As lead copywriter, my deliverables included packaging, an iPAQ website, a Flash demo, a brochure kit, a sales tool for the global sales force, and promo items like beer mats.

My concept was a series of eight folding cards that were contained inside a jacket. Each card supported a unique selling proposition (USP). Together they tell the product story.

Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC
Messaging that stands out
I had access to a prototype Pocket PC for about a week before working with the Compaq Design Center and a German design firm to create the brochure, and the architecture and copy for an interactive Flash demo. The tone of the brochure was carried through to the demo while providing much more product detail.

The witty new voice I introduced for the Pocket PC helped Compaq launch the leading product in a category shared by HP, Sony, Casio, and others. This voice was carried into the entire line of iPAQ products and helped position Compaq uniquely in the field of internet devices.

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