Say hello to a new interactive agency
My first task as a copywriter at the newly established Idea Integration was to create a short video that introduces the new enterprise.

I emphasized how Idea Integration combined multiple verticals and became more than the sum of it’s many assimilated parts.

Creatively supporting business development
The “fusion” concept shows how Idea Integration put various elements together to create something new. This theme was carried into a CD-based interactive sales tool.

Yea! Dot Com forever : )
Played on CD leave-behinds, the tradeshow tools went back to offices … and the sales funnel was filled.

Here’s the script:
We always seem to separate things.

Up or down.

In or out

Beginning or ending.

It helps the world make more sense,
putting everything into tidy little boxes.

But, as we break life into different parts,
we loose sight of the big picture.

Disparate knowledge
left scattered in darkness.

Then there’s a flash.

Light illuminates the blackness.

We see everything as a whole,
and new patterns become evident.

Ideas combine, 2 and 2 is 5,
new elements emerge.

That’s the power of creation.

That’s the power of Idea Integration.