Naming a new telecom company
I was engaged by an upstart VoIP telephone provider to name their new venture and provide a brand messaging strategy. I generated several dozen potential names, checking for availability of the .com address.

After several rounds, the client leadership selected SpringVox. This strong name combines the action word “Spring” with the descriptor “Vox”. It implies a better, more nimble, “leap forward” for consumer and business communications.

“Spring” has multiple meanings including the season of renewed life, as well as rapid motion. It also can mean a coil of wire and imply stored or pent-up energy. Visually, the spring is reminiscent of a phone cord and reinforces the idea of telephone service.

About the concept
The name SpringVox creates an evocative idea of communications that “springs” forward ahead of traditional POTS service. It appeals to enthusiastic early adopters likely to have broadband and helps them express their lifestyle choices with a cool new brand. It also creates an aspirational pull to general consumers that helps to differentiate the service from competitive products.

Unique Selling Propositions
After the selection of the name, I developed Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) for SpringVox.

1. Express yourself
Don’t just express yourself with what you say, but how you say it. SpringVox is not your Dad’s old 1970s phone—its an innovative upgrade putting you on the cutting edge by cutting your stodgy and expensive old landline.

2. Wherever life takes you
Cut the cord and take your phone wherever life leads. SpringVox technology allows you to be as mobile and free, taking your phone number anyplace you travel.

3. Expect more
Spend less, get more. SpringVox provides a feature-rich product that costs less than traditional services.

4. Stay connected
Because you can pay a lot less, you can talk more to those important people in your life. You can take your phone with you and stay connected to home even when you’re far away.

Next, I developed the tagline “boundless broadband communications.” The word “boundless” suggests unlimited possibilities, for example, unlimited VoIP calls, the innovative videophone, and other future offerings. It can express both limitless possibilities for your expressive lifestyle and the practical benefits of cost savings.