Hello, I’m Mark Adams. I love headlines, Oxford commas, and em dashes—but that’s not the whole story.

I’m a strategic creative professional with great experience helping companies build their brand, tell their story, and sell their products.

While working at agencies or in-house for client companies, I’ve helped small firms establish themselves with brand basics, and large companies grow larger by creating campaigns to launch new products.

Working alone and collaborating with teams to revamp major corporate websites, I’ve written witty campaigns for B2C retailers and “in the weeds” content for complex B2B clients. I excel at taking complexity and communicating the benefits appropriately to different prospects in different stages of their journey—always remembering I need to connect with an actual human being.

I’ve managed teams remotely and onsite. At remote-only agency MergingDesign I led the creative team developing award-winning campaigns for HP and BMC Software, as well as Brand Identity & Messaging, Websites, and Interactive for other clients.

At cloud computing company iland I led our in-house Brand & Creative department in launching a major new website and worked with global teams of SMEs and marketers to produce trade shows, sales kickoffs, virtual events, and integrated campaigns with collateral, email, direct mail, newsletter, social, video, and some incredibly brand-tastic swag.

With me, you could say headlines are just the beginning.