One of the largest companies nobody knows
You may not have heard of X-Rite, but chances are your shirt, your mobile phone, or your car’s paint job was produced with X-Rite technology. As the global leader in color measurement technology, X-Rite develops solutions that integrate software, hardware, and services to provide accurate, consistent color management to industries including automotive, plastics, paint and coatings, textiles, and many others.

The right message
I started by developing the campaign messaging, “The Power of X,” which combined key solution benefits, such as accuracy, precision, and consistency, with the phrase “to the power of X.” This creatively conveyed the important benefits of X-Rite technology while tying it to the company name.

Creative to the power of X
The campaign consisted of direct mail, landing page, follow-up email communications, and fulfillment collateral.

The direct mail piece needed to be high-impact and convey the idea that X-Rite is the leader in color management technology. This was accomplished with a unique execution that not only featured vivid color but also folded out in the shape of an X—furthering the goal of name awareness.

The test campaign was very favorable, management was happy with the results, and those who hadn’t heard of X-Rite got a colorful education in industrial color management.

Open the PDF and take a look.