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BMC Software is a leading provider of enterprise management software solutions. Their solutions are found in 90 percent of Fourtune 100 companies and enable nearly all Wall Street financial institutions.

That sounds great, but it's also very abstract. It doesn't make an emotional impact. How can you cut through the facts and figures to tell a story that's exciting on a visceral level and make the BMC brand more exciting?

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The solution came screeching in
The opportuny came when Toyota Motorsport GmbH chose BMC as a technology partner for its Formula One (F1) racing efforts. In addition to other enterprisewise implementations, BMC enables replication of six to eight gigabytes of real-time metrics on nearly every aspect of vehicle performance to flow back to engineers in Cologne.

The creative opportinity is obvious. I got to use images of Formula One racing and associate it with the BMC brand. That's exciting.

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