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MergingDesign is a marketing communications firm that merges branding, interactive design, and integrated marketing to help companies create, clarify, and communicate their message. more >>

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As creative director for iland, I redesigned the iland logo as part of a comprehensive rebranding effort to better communicate the IT company’s focus on “cloud computing.” The logo consists of the logotype that makes up the iland name and the graphical element that forms a flamboyant cloud-like tittle over the i. The cloud element in the logo is the starting point for various cloud graphics used in interactive, tradeshow, and other iland collateral. more >>

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SCIPPR, the South Central Intellectual Property Partnership at Rice University, helps corporations research U.S. and foreign copyright, trademark and patent information. The solution incorporated the © mark into a logotype. This helps all audiences more easily understand SCIPPR provides services related to copyright work.

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Sentry Off-Site Store provides document storage services in Austin, Texas. Most other small providers were being put out of business by the nation-wide industry leader. Instead of surrender, Sentry went on the offensive with a new identity and website. After years of increasing market-share, Sentry was the only local company left competing with the national leader. Good design is good business.

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After purchasing the Pete’s Brewing Company, Gambrinus extended the Pete’s Brand by introducing a number of new seasonal beer products. By 2003, the packaging design for the Pete’s family of products was inconsistent and lacked a coherent brand identity. I was engaged to refine the brand identity and line-look for the Pete’s family of beers. more >>

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Leveraging the key word “nodus”, which means “a difficult problem” and comes from the Latin word for “knot”, I created a logomark for the company that represents four colored bands forming a symbolic “knot”.

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The story here starts with the company name. "Telenetwork" is a long word, and potential clients had a hard time with name recall, saying "telework" or "network-something." For both the logotype and in written communications, I changed the name to "teleNetwork" which improved name recall by adding improved visual cues when reading the name.

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Stratsoft makes innovative call center management software that enables companies to incorporate VoIP and remote agents into the standard call center formula. But the decade old logo and company identity looked anything but cutting edge. A new, fresh logo was the start of a rebranding effort that refreshed the website, stationary system, collateral, and all other material that touched the customer.

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This upstart web venture provides an online space for music fanatics to share their offline concert memories. The identity concept allows for a flexible graphic image to be used that is tailored to the particular genre. Country music might get a banjo, rock can use a guitar, and live performance have a stage-diving music lover.

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